1. Lado Abhiyan
  2. Lado Abhiyan
  3. Lado Abhiyan
  1. Our Mission
    Bringing perceptible systemic changes in mind set of citizens, transforming traditionally old customs, inculcating new perceptions by creation of a sustainable community based human resource to advocate eradication of child marriage, strengthening Social Accountability / Acceptance of Law by Community
  2. Objectives of Lado

    Eradication of Child Marriages in Madhya Pradesh
    Preventive / Proactive measures : Entire year on Mission Mode
    Bring all Line Departments / community on a single platform
    Strengthen Social Accountability / Acceptance of Law by Community
    Making Children Crusaders / Brand Ambassadors
    Effective use of Communication Tools
  3. Background of Lado Abhiyan
    Child marriage due to traditional, religious, social , customary practices.
    Prevalent across every caste, culture, religion.
    Girls more severely affected : High MMR, IMR , Drop out
    Child Marriage Restraint Act (2006) / Administrative/legal / Prohibitive measures alone not sufficient.
    Lead to panic / trauma for families, involving money, credibility in society
    Previous efforts only during Akshaya Tritiya and peak marriage seasons, identified Districts, focusing only on girl child marriage.
    Need to build up environment to enable change in socio-customary-psychological behavior of community to eradicate child marriages.